A Suite of Diagnostic Tools for EGIDs

Research puts innovative focus on earlier, more tolerable interventions.

Biomarkers Identified for Early Detection of Deadly Post-HCT Complication

New test pinpoints patients at greatest risk of GVHD, the most lethal complication from HCT.

Improving Care Coordination for Advanced Lung Disease

Vanderbilt Lung Institute's collaborative, multi-specialty program is expanding transplant access.

Probing the Biological Roots of Drug Addiction

Researcher on a quest to understand addictive behaviors and design interventions.

AI-based Tech to Improve Stroke Outcomes

“Smart” catheter could refine thrombectomy and other endovascular procedures.

Creating a Hub for Pediatric Precision Medicine

New center to advance research, training and patient care.

Health Informatics for a Changing World

A discussion of opportunities ahead in predictive analytics, population health and system design.

Bringing Advanced Genomic Sequencing In-house

New lab will aid diagnosis, research for genetically inherited conditions.

Saliva Biomarker Predicts Childhood Obesity

Epigenetics reveal opportunities for intervention.