‘Hey Epic!’ to Trigger Voice-Activated Medical Assistant

Researchers explore how and where clinical voice assistants can provide useful services for the medical field.

Testing Equipment Devised to Relieve Pandemic Shortage

The PytuTester developed bycritical care physicians and bioengineers enables testing of DIY ventilators in low-resource countries.

Improving Care Coordination for Advanced Lung Disease

Vanderbilt Lung Institute's collaborative, multi-specialty program is expanding transplant access.

Probing the Biological Roots of Drug Addiction

Researcher on a quest to understand addictive behaviors and design interventions.

AI-based Tech to Improve Stroke Outcomes

“Smart” catheter could refine thrombectomy and other endovascular procedures.

Creating a Hub for Pediatric Precision Medicine

New center to advance research, training and patient care.

Health Informatics for a Changing World

A discussion of opportunities ahead in predictive analytics, population health and system design.

Bringing Advanced Genomic Sequencing In-house

New lab will aid diagnosis, research for genetically inherited conditions.

Saliva Biomarker Predicts Childhood Obesity

Epigenetics reveal opportunities for intervention.