AI-based Tech to Improve Stroke Outcomes

Two prototype devices could refine thrombectomy through sensory augmentation.

Creating a Hub for Pediatric Precision Medicine

New center to advance research, training and patient care.

Health Informatics for a Changing World

A discussion of opportunities ahead in predictive analytics, population health and system design.

Bringing Advanced Genomic Sequencing In-house

New lab will aid diagnosis, research for genetically inherited conditions.

Saliva Biomarker Predicts Childhood Obesity

Epigenetics reveal opportunities for intervention.

Trials Add Support for Personalized PCa, RCC Treatment

New studies point to importance of individual patient factors.

Atlas Initiative to Map Colorectal Adenoma Progression

Moonshot project explores the microbiome for pathways from pre-polyp to malignancy.

New Milestones in Massive All of Us Collaborative

With Vanderbilt’s Josh Denny selected as new CEO, NIH’s groundbreaking initiative speeds into year two.

Applying AI to Longitudinal Data to Predict CVD

Research adds “time factor” to machine learning to track disease evolution.

Personalizing Treatment for Preterm Babies with PDA

Standard indomethacin regimen may fail in infants with CYP2C9*2 variant.

Patient Perceptions of Genomic Medicine

Common themes emerge from genomic medicine interventions.

Assessing Liquid Biopsies for Precision Cancer Care

Evaluating the potential to impact diagnosis and treatment.